The Frantic Family

I don’t know about you but sometimes life in general seems frantic and that has an effect on the family. My husband is a big fan of Patrick Lencioni and I have read a few of his books in the past year as well. He is well known in the business and leadership world and writes great books. I normally don’t read books about business or leadership because honestly I think many of them are boring but his books are engaging, helpful and a fast read. He writes in fables and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. The latest book I read of Lencioni’s was The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family. It helpsĀ  you make a family plan that is good for two to six months at a time. It helps you define who you are as a family and what makes you unique and what your goals are for the near future. Because we were getting ready to enter into a crazy time of life where we are planning for a move, support raising, and preparing to start a new ministry it was a great time to put this into action. It has helped us to stay focused, say yes to the things that will move us ahead and say no when it doesn’t fall in line with our 6 month goal. It sounds so boring when I type it out but it’s such a helpful thing to do and it was a great read. I highly recommend it to everyone, single, married or a family with lots of kids.

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