Back to Reality

We had a wonderful trip to Arizona the past 8 days. We were able to see my brother, his wife and daughter and Matt’s mom and uncle. In Tucson we did fun things like go to the zoo, celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday, get the girls pictures taken in matching outfits, that’s right, matching outfits, and eat at In-N-Out twice. Simply wonderful. Then we headed to Yuma to see Matt’s mom in the park for 55 and older and let me just tell you, it was wonderful. A little oasis in the desert really. She had a pool 500 feet away which we took full advantage of and I have a tan line to prove it and got to breath in the sweet aroma of orange blossoms all day. It was such a needed break for us. I could get used to trips there.

But now we’re back in Bozeman. It’s cold and my arthritis already hurts again. Getting old is just grand. And the countdown begins. We have 20 days left here. We’re packing up our house in the next three weeks and moving it all to Oregon and we’re really praying that we’ll have an offer on our house before we leave. We definitely need a miracle!! We’d love your prayers for our transition and our house to sell.

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