An End of an Era

We had a good-bye party today for Thang, Jennifer and Reyshawn. We already had ours because we are done at MSU but since we are still in Bozeman we went to theirs. They are moving to Seattle to be on campus at UW. It is so bittersweet for us and our team. Matt, Shana, Thang and myself met 12 years ago on a summer project and have worked together at MSU for 8 years along with Bob. We have walked through hard life things, great life things and watched God do incredible things in ministry together. We have grown to be more than co-workers and friends, these people (all of our MSU team) are like our family. So to say good-bye to seeing them every day is totally heartbreaking. We are so excited for what God is calling all of us to however.

One of the hardest things I think about leaving though is that it’s not just us that has to give up friends, Jenna does too. During out time there today Jenna turned to me and said “Look at all my friends.” She was looking around and admiring all the people who she loves and loves her back and to have to leave that is so hard. Thankfully we are moving to Portland with a great team who Jenna will love seeing and living life with but it’s still hard to leave these friends. I always pray that instead of us, and Jenna, seeingĀ  people come and go as a loss but as an incredible gain of friendships for the sweet season that it is. And we never say good-bye, just see you later.

So here’s to an end of an era and moving on to the next.

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  1. Our friendship is a testimony to the fact that you don’t have to live next door to be GREAT friends. If it is a solid friendship it can stand the test of time and miles….


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