Mom’s Holiday Survival Guide

I wrote about some of the things that we try to do as a family to make holidays a little more frantic free. Whether you are bounding with joy and have sugar plum fairies dancing in your head about the holidays or the thought of the upcoming season makes you want to take a nap, … Read more

The Turbulent Road of Schooling

I had no idea when we had kids that schooling would be the most turbulent and gut wrenching experience that it’s been. I spent the majority of my 12 years of school with the same 200 people. I rode the bus or my bike to school, didn’t doubt my safety, didn’t have to apply to … Read more

Down Syndrome Through the Eyes of a Mom

I have dear, sweet friends who I have known for about 15 years. They are genuine, kind-hearted and wonderful people. They have the joy of raising 3 sons, one of whom has Down Syndrome. In honor of National Down Syndrome Awareness month (In Megan’s family it’s Down Syndrome Acceptance Month) I interviewed my friend Megan … Read more