Trying to leave comfort for courage

Most of you who will read this already know me and what’s going on in our life but in case for some freakish (like you somehow stumbled on this) reason you don’t know I’ll fill you in a little.

We are in transition right now getting ready to leave the place we have called home for 9 years together, and longer for Matt, to move to Portland, OR. Maybe another time I’ll share about how the Lord led us to do that. So basically we’ve wrapped up our time here at MSU on campus and now we are totally ready to go and move forward with what God is calling us to in Portland. There’s only one problem, we own a house. We are praying for a miracle that it will sell and we can move forward. I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at waiting. Most days surprisingly I have had overwhelming peace from the Lord and some days I have moments of sheer terror.

This article from the Catalyst blog this week was perfectly timed for me to read. Maybe you can relate to it to. Enjoy.

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